Garage Sale


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June 28-29, 2013

McKinney, TX 75071


We are raising funds for two important things and decided on a community garage sale as the "kick-off" fundraiser:
1.       A MOTOmed motorized hand-cycle and bicycle
·         $8,000 ($5,000 used, when available)
·         Will aide in strengthening, range of motion, and overall physical health
2.       Driving modifications for my van
·         Quoted $30,000-$50,000
·         Will aide in independence
We asked for donations, volunteers, and shoppers and received exceptional support, love, and representation from family, friends, and the community.
I prayed for God to bless this fundraiser, that we would make at least $1,000, and that we would make even more on Saturday than we did on Friday and God answered each prayer request with a "Yes!"
We had an over abundance of great donations; many friends and family that stepped up to help prepare, organize, set up, work the sale, or clean up; plenty of shoppers; two days of no rain; and $500 alone in monetary contributions!
With your help and prayers, we raised a total of $1,705!!
I am overwhelmed, again, with the love and support we received and feel extremely blessed, thankful, and grateful for you and God, who led me to have this sale and completely provided through it.
We have a long way to go but this is an amazing start! Thank you so much everyone who helped in any way!
Garage Sale
bullet Rhonda Bapp-Amstutz
bullet Demarus Bassett and William Hasley Sr.
bullet The Beckers
bullet Lisa Benton
bullet Connie Carpenter
bullet Christine Couvillion
bullet Denise Crabtree
bullet Dr. Scott Dawson
bullet Lora Dearing
bullet Tammy And Andre DeWet
bullet David Dykhuizen and family
bullet Anne Evans
bullet Kelly Ezell and family
bullet Joyce Fernandez
bullet Chris and Nicolle Garcia
bullet Linda, Scott, and Kyndall Greenwood
bullet Mary Henderson
bullet Brenda Jones
bullet Amy Kleis
bullet Laura Knoll and Lyla
bullet Mike and Tia Leach
bullet Lynn and Family
bullet Katie Manning
bullet Amanda Martin and family
bullet Patricia McElveen
bullet Teresa Mitchell
bullet Bethany Mlak
bullet Del and Kim Newberry
bullet Aunt Charlotte Nix
bullet Gary and Janis Nix
bullet Pam Provin
bullet Michelle Ramirez and MADD N. Texas
bullet Vicki and Mike Ross
bullet Sharon Rowbottom
bullet Jackie and Randy Smith
bullet Anita St. Clair
bullet Buster and Vickie Summers
bullet Lisa Temple and family
bullet Jon and Melissa Treviņo
bullet Nicole Wallis, Madison, and Makenzie
bullet Amber Weglowski
bullet Pat Welter and Christy
bullet Kirsten and David White
bullet Sherri Williams and family
bullet Gerry and Genelda Winchester (my parents)
bullet Tacha Winchester
bullet Delane and Allen Wipf
bullet Allan Wood and Tony
bullet Bill and Daniel Wood
bullet Billy Wood Jr.
bullet Connie Vilaysack and family
bullet Angie and Viola York
We will be having more fundraisers. If interested in helping or have a fundraising idea, please contact me.


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