This fundraiser was at Hank's in McKinney on February 4, 2006. Wow, this was thus far the best and most successful fundraiser. We amazingly and very surprisingly raised about $12,000! I am so so very thankful of everyone that had any part of this fundraiser. Being my first fundraiser, we had a HUGE turnout! The Hank's manager told us he had never had so many people there. I had so much fun at this one. The Ed Burleson Band played and made it rock!




The Ed Burleson

They were awesome!


<-- Bill, Billy's dad twirled me around all over the dance floor.





On the left is Billy's brother, Daniel. We've known each other since our sixth grade Humanities class. In the middle are my friends that I was close to senior year. The picture on the right is all the raffle tickets that were bought!!


Nicole (on the left). She is a good friend of my sister's from work. Kim Henderson, my mom's friend is in the middle. They grew up together and lived on the same street- Patti Lane. On the right is my boyfriend's aunt and uncle, Linda and Scott Greenwood. They have really been there for me. 

Jay Barns (on the left) and Toby (in the middle) are also friends of my sister's from work. On the right is my friend Kristen and her boyfriend Jared. She's one of those friends that you can't help but laugh around.

Mallory, Liz, Brandy, and Michelle- so glad ya'll came!

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