This fundraiser was in April 2006 at McAlister's Deli in McKinney, Tx. We had a good turnout and raised about $1,000!










Billy's Family (his dad, Bill; his Memaw, and his aunt and uncle, Linda and Scott Greenwood)


The Nelsons- Linda (on the left) and Bill (on the right) have the kindest hearts and they continue to support me. They are old friends of our family. We used to always go camping with them at least twice a year. I have a lot of good memories with them.


My fellow wheelchair friend, Lou Ann.



On the left are my neighbors, Tia and Mike Leach that continue to support me.


Thank you all, especially my neighbors, Tammy and Andre DeWet (on the left).


My sister's friend Connie and her husband came! On the right is Stephanie White, a writer for the McKinney paper.


On the left is my WONDERFUL photographer and his family. On the right is my friend David.


On the left, I am with 2 managers of McAlister's Deli. On the right, our executive pastor Chris Stull is being amazed by my charm.


Thank you McAlister's Deli, everyone that helped and everyone that came.

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