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Modified Ramp Van



An essential part to recovery from initial psychological effects of a spinal cord injury is reincorporation into society, or in other words, being a part of society and finding ways to have fun once again. A means of accomplishing this is finding viable transportation. Cars, trucks and vans can be modified in many ways to allow a quadriplegic or paraplegic to ride or drive.

I have an Toyota Sienna ramp van, modified and bought from Advanced Mobility in Mesquite, TX (972-270-7114). It has an automatic door opening, ramp, and wheelchair easy-lock in the floorboard.




  1. Permobil C500 VS Stander

  2. Activeaid Adult Tilt Model 285 Shower Chair

  3. Manual Chair with *blue wheels* and light-up bottom wheels

Contact a Permobil or Activeaid representative to help you obtain a chair.


Advanced Mobility          Permobil          Activeaid

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