We had a golf tournament fundraiser October 11, 2008 at Oak Hollow Golf Course in McKinney. We had a total of 58 players, 40 donated raffle prizes, and 15 donated auction items! Thank you to players and volunteers for taking time out to participate at my fundraiser. Thank you to the businesses that have such generous hearts to help me. I appreciate everyone and my family for being there for me and continuously supporting me through this tragedy of mine. We are very grateful to have you in our lives.

Our grand total was $4,800! Thank you for your help!



  Start Your Golf Carts!


Team 3 Men & A Woman

Paul Boatman, Bob Sparks, Debra Harr, and Charles Chambers





Tom Perry, Josh Combs, Joe Rogers, and Ryan Roberts



Team De Wet

Andre De Wet, Dave Bellerose, Dan Beall, and Tim Melrose

My neighbor, Andre De Wet set this fundraiser up. He is a regular golfer at Oak Hollow.



 Don Scharnweber, Ron Zech, Tim Mercer, and Richard Matthews


Team Dude Where's My Ball

Adam Bilodeau, David Taylor, Danny Colwell, and Russ Chaduck




Team Eagles

Don Cozad, Pasco Parker, Earl Ponceti, and Roberto Fanini



Team Family & Rich

Roman Wrobel, Pete Bellmer, and Rich Karm



Team Halo of Fly'z

Chris Renfrew, Vicki Ross, Mike Ross, and Dan Mazurwek




Team OMG

Charles Sneed, Woodrow Wall, Bill Hampton, and Terry Hendrickson



Team Nelda

Nelda Winchester, Mike Harrison, John Hunt, and Connor Hunt

My mom played but gracefully fell in last place . . . Here's a preview:




Joe Lacey, Ron Munoz, Reggie Williams, and Dean Thompson


Team Wannabes

Bob Kottenstette, Steve Gagnon, Kent Clemons,  and Bernie Vidal


Team Worm Burners

Jason Reeder, Doug Miller, Siggy Villaman, and Eric Broadnax




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