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NeuroVita Clinic is in Moscow, Russia. We stayed there for 3 weeks; March 11- April 1, 2007. My mom and dad accompanied me. The Clinic is attached to the biggest & oldest hospital in Russia. This is the outside view of the Clinic.

The worst part of our trip was the plane rides. Our original plans were to fly from DFW to NY to Russia. Well when we got to NY, they couldn't find my chair; so we waited on the plane an extra hour PLUS I always have to be the last off. We ended up missing our flight because of constant dilemmas :( So since American Airlines made us miss our flight, they paid for us to stay at a hotel.

To get in my airplane seat, I have to get onto this tiny aisle chair that is half the size of my bottom, if that.. to be wheeled through the airplane aisle. Then they have to transfer me into the airplane seat. Once we arrive at our destination, I have to be transferred again on the aisle chair and then again in a manual airport chair and one more time into my chair. It is ridiculous.


We finally made it to Russia. I never thought I would ever be on the other side of the world, in a country I know nothing about. Russia is so different from Texas. Every single thing is different and seemed so alien to me. There were many cathedral type buildings throughout Moscow which was developed in the 40's and 50s.



I have never had so many tests and X-rays... This trip in total cost above $30,000. I had therapy and massages everyday. However, both were very limited. My massages were only of my arms and hands and my therapy only involved arm stretching and strengthening.



Did you know spinal fluid flows upward??


On the right are the head specialists of the Clinic. I  got my stem cell transfusion & injection the last week. Everything went as planned and successful. It takes 10 days for my stem cells to reach my injured site. This Clinic has performed this procedure to 1000+ patients... treating more than spinal cord injuries.

Leading Specialists of NeuroVita Clinic



There are many markets in Russia. Basically their market is similar to our flea markets however included with groceries. They sell meat, bread, vegetables, fruit, dairy, basically everything. The meat sold is already cut but they have it hanging and still somewhat bloody. At the market, we bought ham, mayo, cheese, bread, lettuce, eggs, and coffee


We were offered a tour of Moscow. When we finally went into the city, it was really beautiful, unique, and interesting. We saw a cathedral, The Hard Rock Cafe, The Red Square, and went to the souvenir strip which was the coolest by far!.



Since my first trip, I have began feeling my thumbs, more on my left side, my left index finger (slightly), tingling/ burning in my bottom, and I have developed more tricep on my left side. I began therapy 3x a week after this trip. Thank you to everyone that helped make this trip possible; means so much to me :)