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Miscellaneous DividersMiscellaneous Dividers

Miscellaneous DividersMiscellaneous Dividers

This trip was July 7 - July 20. My mom and sister accompanied me. We flew out of DFW airport a day later than planned because of plane malfunction. But as soon as we arrived in Moscow, we noticed flowers everywhere! It was beautiful. The temperature stayed at about 70 and it felt great; July is definitely the best time to come.

When we got out into the Russian world, Tacha finally understood what we had been telling her about Russia. It is mind-blowing how different countries and cultures can be. Everything from buildings to cars to insects are beyond anything I've ever seen or expected. Russia is beautiful but the feel of the Russian atmosphere is somewhat depressing. Out on the streets of Moscow there are few smiles, few joyous faces, and no laughter. Honestly, I just couldn't even imagine what they have endured or feel or think. Anyhow, when we got to the clinic, we went straight to bed b/c we were up for about 24 hours.


The flights went well this trip. I had little problems... might be because of the Chardonnay I had.


I received physical therapy with Natasha and full body massages everyday. My therapy mainly consisted of upper body strengthening with the weight machines by wrapping my hands with gauze. I really enjoyed my therapist and the therapy. She would play her mp3 player while we worked out and the majority of the songs were known American songs. She's awesome; hope she stays there.



I got my first injection July 10 (tuesday) and it went smoothly. I had a headache afterwards like last time and felt dizzy but that's expected. I had a test done July 12 (thursday) where an awesome neurophysiologist, Alexey A. Frolov sends electrical stimulation signals from my nerve endings to my brain. And if my brain responds that means those specific nerves are connected. He told me that the results show my fingers are connecting!


Miscellaneous DividersMiscellaneous Dividers


We went to this restaurant/bar that had pool tables with some other patients of the clinic that know Russian. The pool tables were a lot longer and the balls were all white. Since we could not read the menus, we let them order for us and the food was far from anything served in Texas, well besides the potato wedges which were awesome but oddly served with mayonnaise. We asked for ketchup but it was different... really sweet; I didn't like it. The second appetizer was sliced salami, raw bacon, and ham served with bread. I've never ate my bacon raw and I refused to then. The dinner was chicken and vegetables mixed together with herbs all over coals. We were there for 3 hours and came back to all the gates being locked and had to walk forever to the only gate still being guarded. It was just a really odd night.


We also went to the Red Square, Souvenir strip, and the Hard Rock Cafe. At the souvenir strip, I swear there were 20 brides & grooms & there parties there. We found out that most Russians go there after or for their wedding on Saturdays. The Red Square was beautiful... lots of amazing architecture. We ate interesting nachos and quesadillas at the Hard Rock Cafe. They definitely need shown how to make some TexMex. The driver sat with us while we ate and all he ordered was a teacup of black coffee....


Something interesting is a lot of Russians wink as another way of saying "Hello." Not knowing that however makes those moments very awkward.

And we SURE did go buy bacon at the market and fry it up for lunch. We brought a hot plate (a portable burner). So we opened the door, fried bacon and put on some Prodigy music. I got my 2nd injection July 16 (monday) which was a double dose. The 1st injection wasn't a double dose. Just FYI: after an injection, I have to lay still for 6 hours. And the injection also drains ALL the fluid from my body, "let me tell ya"... as mom says. I did get a slight headache but it wasn't too bad.

We ordered pizza from Sbarro the next day which was awesome!





Since my second trip, I began feeling my thumbs even more, my left index finger more and now my right index finger (slightly) and left middle finger (in one spot), my left underarm, constant tingling/ burning from my bottom to my feet, tricep beginnings on my right side, more tricep on my left side, strength in my back, and more sensitivity to touch :)