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This trip was from November 3 - 16. My mom and Billy accompanied me. It was sooo cold in Russia and stayed at or below 30. The last week, it snowed everyday to the point that I couldn't even wheel through the snow.


We arrived safely in Russia with no flight delays or problems, no aisle chair transfer issues.. mainly because Billy and his strong arms came XO. BUT one of our luggages was damaged and also our clinic driver wasn't there to pick us up. This was a first. He is usually there all eager to get us. SO my mom, Billy, and I were STUCK in the airport not knowing the language... for about 3 hours!



I received physical therapy and full body massages everyday. I worked on new therapy this trip. I worked on abdominal and upper back strengthening in addition to my arm strengthening and balancing. I even got on the mat a couple times and had to pull myself up from a laying position.





We didn't have much to keep us from being bored. Billy brought his playstation and mom and I stayed on the computer.



I had some of the same tests done, everything is looking better. The test that finds how my nerves are responding had very positive results; my legs and fingers are now responding... there was no response earlier in my legs. It is so exciting to get such positive and new results each trip.


After my third trip, I can feel under my arms more, lower on my chest (slightly) and back, I can feel more of my index finger, more strength in my back, abs finally trying to work, overall strength improvement, excellent transfers, more trunk control (slightly), and my left ring finger and middle finger can move when I concentrate on them (more movement in my ring finger).  Thank you for all the prayers! Thank you God for strengthening me from inside out:)