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In an odd way, Russia is beginning to feel like our second home... without Mexican food that is. We need to introduce them to our Tex-Mex cuisine. This fourth trip, we left on Friday, April 4 and came home Wednesday, April 16. Each trip, we seem to leave a day earlier. We had some familiar faces this time (other patients from previous trips). They made the time pass quicker. Tacha and mom accompanied me this trip.

The flights went perfectly, except for the food served.  The airplanes now have individual (touch screen) TV screens on the seats in front of yours and you can now choose what you would like to watch or listen to. There are New Release movies, a variety of TV shows including House, CSI, Home Makeover shows, Discovery Channel shows, Comedy shows; any and every kind. Also big selections of music and games. I watched Juno, National Treasure 2, Elizabeth- The Golden Age, Gone Baby Gone, House, and CSI!


More traffic... No matter when we are on the streets, there are always tons of cars.





I received two double dose injections which both went well. My therapy was different this trip. I used the motomed which is a bicycle that uses a motor to move my legs. I use this machine at my therapy at home. I also got in the standing frame to work on balancing and to strengthen my legs everyday. The arm exercises are more difficult in the standing frame.



 Therapy Preview


"Mr. Bean"

He turned this electric stimulating wand on and moved it all over my arms and fingers for five minutes everyday. Shortly afterwards, my arms would feel so tired, as if I had just lifted weights.


We took a tour to the city and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. The female interpreter Natasha, met up and ate lunch with us. I ordered a philly cheesesteak sandwich and they ordered cheeseburgers. The meat was undercooked though and had no seasoning at all. We apparently need to show them how a philly and cheeseburger are supposed to be cooked and taste!

Once you go into the city, it is really cool and different. Everyone is so fashioned in every way, and the buildings are just so unique and detailed.




What a KEYBOARD!! I tried a couple times to learn the alphabet but it is so difficult. There are so many sounds in the alphabet that we don't have.

On the left, I was telling my friend, Marina goodbye. She had a stroke and was also receiving treatment at NeuroVita. In the middle, I am with my masseuse; she was really good. And on the right, is the entire night staff. We asked if they could send someone to help lift me in bed and the entire staff shows up. Each one grabbed each of my "limbs" as they call them as if I weigh 300 pounds. It was an awkward moment. Thanks to Tacha, we have a picture in remembrance.



The trip went really well. We had no problems. The flights are just sooo long and then there is the 3 hour lay over. I didn't sleep at all on the way home. When we went to the DFW baggage claim, there was Billy with a huge smile and my Dad was so happy! It is the best feeling ever to be home and see some familiar faces. We got in Wednesday night at about 9 pm. All I can say is thank God for Texas!