This fundraiser was located in Parker, Tx at the FAMOUS Southfork Ranch. Although the day was nasty and rainy, we had plenty of people show and a whole lot of fun. We raised a little more than $6,000!! We had two AWESOME bands play; The Vince Lujan Project & Time Peace, a bake sale- special thanks to the Greenwoods, and a jewelry sale- special thanks to Pam Krass. We had many businesses donate various prizes (everything from giftcards to a private weekend getaway... special thanks to businesses) to use as raffle prizes and a small silent auction. Everyone who came and/ or donated to me... thank you SO much!




Look I got my hair done thanks to A Touch of Heaven Salon! In the middle is my cousin Jennifer and her grandmother, Lanelle. Lanelle sadly and unexpectedly passed away soon afterwards.



The Nelsons (on the left), my neighbor Mike Leach, and Jeff Brazeal and his family (on the right) have and continue to support me. Love all you guys. My dad grew up with Jeff. They actually both left Alabama where they grew up and moved to Texas together.



Mr. Horne; an AWESOME teacher from high school and Tacha with her girls.



On the left is Janet & her Bubby! And there's Connie Bo Bonnie again! JAKE!! Isn't this kid adorable??



Aww, my cousin Josh... he's in the NAVY and over in Japan right now.



Look at Dad and Joyce! On the right is Harrison & Connie; my dad's friends from work.





This is Daniel, Billy's brother. Their aunt Linda and her family had the bake sale for me. THANK YOU!





My neighbor Tia Leach!








These are friends from school... Jobi, Maci, Kenny, and Eric... Thanks for coming.





Momma! There you are. On the left is my mom and my cutie cousin Rachel. On the right is my mom and sister.



There's Nanny and David, my dad's mother and brother. On the far right is my old soccer coach and his family, whom all have really been there for me.



Mom gets crazy sometimes. Sheryl came down from OHIO to support me! YAY! Her and my mom have been friends over 20 years. On the far right is my sister and her friend Jay.


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